Backup, Part II & Storage

Storage for phones is growing, but media seems to grow just as fast, and the uses for our phones are likewise increasing. More and more, they’re becoming devices we actually can consume various types of media on. Moreover, in many cases, expandable storage is no longer being included in phones (see iPhones, Nexus phones, HTC One phones), and our lives are increasingly found in the cloud. Consequently, online storage and backup is becoming more and more important.


Dropbox is the classic online sync service. 2GB of free space, with the ability to earn or purchase more. The app is pretty standard, providing the ability to upload and download, but not sync folders from the phone. It does, however, have an camera upload function, which will automatically upload newly taken photographs to a folder in your Dropbox–incidentally, enabling this feature is one of the ways to earn extra space. It also has built-in video streaming for files stored in your Dropbox on ICS or later devices.
Dropbox [link]


Box is another online storage service, providing 5GB of free space. Much like Dropbox, you can upload or download files. There is no photo or folder sync capability for Box.
Box [link]


Yet another syncing service offering 5GB of storage, SugarSync distinguishes itself by offering a much more sophisticated app. You can view other devices you have registered, and it provides the ability to sync photos, videos, and folders. There is also the option to take a picture directly from within the app, and have it upload.
SugarSync [link]

Google Drive

Formerly Google Docs, it was rebranded and given the ability to store non-document files, providing 5GB of free space. The app includes built-in editors for documents and spreadsheets.
Google Drive [link]


Everyone should know Flickr. Unsurprisingly, Flckr gives you the ability to take/upload/share photos, with effects and filters. Nothing special here in terms of sync or storage, just a dedicated app for the service. I never really used it much, but I figured I’d include it here for completeness
Flickr [link]


Google+ is included here because it offers the ability to automatically upload any pictures or videos that you take, and to take pictures for upload from within the app. It’s… y’know. An app for Google+, so it’s got contact sync and sharing capabilities and the like.
Google+ [link]


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